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Frontload are Austria’s thriving sensation that emerged from three ambitious DJ producer guys from Vienna, and have stunned the house music scene with their consolidated talent and gained raving reviews year in year out.

The trio is made up of Michael Kutalek, Stephan Deutsch and Thomas Greisl whose friendship remain strong until today and they have provided one another with daily motivation and determination. They have inspired and drawn admiration not only from their peers but also from respected worldwide famous DJ’s in the industry.

Musical inspirations ranges from Emmanuel Top and Ramon Zenker in the older days to Skrillex and Armin van Buuren today, however they are influenced from every noise that surrounds us and transcends us to create our unique sound.

Past tracks have included releases on Ultra, Protocol, Universal, Tiger, Kontor, Made In NL (Spinnin’ Records), Prime Time Recordings, Polygram and Sony BMG to name but a few.

Here we are talking about a musical project that knows where it wants to go and the guys are pulling no punches to get there. There is a fast growing buzz about this trio in all the right places. Their close knit network including the big names of today, have enhanced and given support that has contributed to the success they have to the present day.

The various influences of the three members have found a mutual meeting point and the results, whether talking about live gigs or productions, speak for themselves and their fan-base is growing by the day.

In the first few months of 2014 they released a single on Wormland Records entitled ‘Rebels’, a remix for the StadiumX Beatport no 1 track ‘Howl At The Moon’ on Protocol, a single release for Ultra Music entitled ‘Dr Who’ and a remix for Mando Diao’s latest single ‘Black Saturday’ (Universal) that is currently climbing charts everywhere in Europe.

Frontload will also do live performances with Mando Diao on their Aelita Tour.

Excitement over Frontload in the scene has led to bookings at Bråvalla festival, Sweden and prestigious venues as Pacha London and Praterdome Vienna. They are eager to battle out tunes ready to set the crowd alight with their progressive drops and melodies.

We believe that actions speak much louder than words and with an exciting upcoming release schedule as well as numerous gigs in various European cities coming in rapidly, Frontload are ‘the whole package and the ones to look out for.

Remember the name – you will be hearing it a lot about us very soon.